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Thread: How many coats of stain

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    I was wondering, how many coats of stain do most of you put on a piece before applying the clear coat? And then how many coats of poly clear coat should be applied. As for the Poly, do you prefer the spray cans or the brush on cans?



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    Coats of stain: It depends on the look you are after. The more coats, the darker the project. Use a sanding sealer like de-waxed shellac first. Especially on porous wood.
    Coats of Poly: When I use polyurethane I usually apply at least three coats sprayed on by rattle can or an HVLP sray gun lightly buffing between each coat with 0000 steel wool. Polyurethane takes a long time to dry between coats. Usually between 24 and 48 hours but is much more durable than lacquer or clear coat plastics. There are pros and cons on any finishes or techniques.

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    Hey Steve, so you are saying Shellac can be used first then still apply a finish. I love using many coats of Tung oil. Shellac will still allow the oil to absorb somewhat into the wood.

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    Thanks Steve. I am currently using the SealCoat mixture as per Michael, 50/50 with DNA. This seems to help before I start to apply finish.

    I usually apply 2-3 coats of stain until it is what I am looking for but am never really sure. Have to ask the wife what she thinks be cause with me being color blind, I do not always see what it is actually looking like. I just keep trying different things and appreciated any feedback I can get on how to apply a finish.

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