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    Default designing snowflakes

    I am wanting to learn how to design a snowflake, I have the full software package just don't know what tools to do it with. Could someone share with me or a link to instructions?

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    If you have the pattern editor you can import the image in to edit it.

    You can "import an image for tracing" and then use the drawing tools to trace it. Then use the puffing tool to add a shape to it.

    You can edit an image of a snow flake to remove all of the background area and save it as a PNG image format or import the image in to make a pattern and in the import window use the lowering tool to remove the background. After you have it importer in to make the pattern place the pattern on the board, size it, outline it and then the puffing tool to add shape.
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    Maybe these .dxf files will help get you started.
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    vanhooseja, post some pics on how with the snowflakes come out once you have a few done. Always want to see the cool stuff.

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