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Thread: Restarting after a power failure

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    Default Restarting after a power failure

    Has any one experienced a power outage or tuned your machine off before the pattern is finished? Can the job be picked up after the power is restored or the power switch is placed in
    the on position?

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    What people do is to go back to Designer and cover the part of the pattern that was carved with a 0.00 height rectangle. The machine will pass over the rectangle and start carving the remaining part of the pattern. The line up and depth may not be perfect. It is a bit of a gamble that the board is remeasured the same as the first time. What I do is place the rectangle so it recarves an inch or so of the pattern. I lift the head a little before it starts to carve and the slowly lower the head until the bit starts to skim the pattern.

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    Wow!! That is so interesting. I admire your skill but understand what you are saying. It would be nice if carvewright could come up with a "resume last project" program update. Power outages are not uncommon this time of year on the East Coast in wooded areas. It has stormed almost everyday lately and to start a project that takes 8 hours or more is always a gamble.

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    I have restarted two projects after a power outage. The carving lined up PERFECTLY both times!!

    After each outage I did the following...

    1) Turned off the power switch and removed the Memory card

    2) Leave the board and head alone! Change nothing.

    3) Draw the Zero-Depth Carve Region over the area already carved, but make it about 1/4” less than the previously carved area

    4) Resave the file under a new name and upload it to the Memory Card

    5) Reinsert the Memory Card into the machine and proceed to run the (new version) project over.

    As long as you don’t mess with the board or raise the head, your carve should match up perfectly.

    My friend Robert Dages has had to restart projects several times after power failures. He has “messed with” boards and raised the head by mistake, BUT reports that his restarted carves matched up nearly perfectly anyway! (I wouldn’t chance it though - leave the board and head alone )
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    If you are concerned about a power failure when carving I would get one of the UPS Power Supplies for a Computer and plug in your machine. I would also get a wall wort power supply, something in the 5 to 12 volt DC Range. Wire a appropriate relay to it. Then wire the relay normally open contacts in series with the left side cut motor switch. Plug the wall wort into house power. This way when the power goes out the relay opens and it is like opening the clear cover and the cut motor stops. The UPS maintains the CW Computer. The reason for the wall wort is to put less of a load on the UPS by stopping the Cut Motor.

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    That is excellent directions. I feel confident now that I restart without losing my time and project.. Thanks guys!

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    Al, I didn't even know about these.mI'm 69 and who'd a thunk? That too is a great solution!

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