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    I just bought the 250 hour tune up. I noticed that there is a part listed as 2 fixed bearings and also two adjustable bearings. I could not find that description under the R and R documentation in the carvewright videos. Can someone tell me how to find the section on replacing these items?

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    These are the bearing for the Z and Y trucks. You will find their description in the remove/replace documentation.
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    thanks, I will look there under z and y trucks r and r.

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    ok, I got the 250 hour rebuild kit for my machine. If you watch the video on changing the "y" belt, and changing the the bearings, it makes this job a piece of cake. Me and my grandson did the job in about an hour or a little more. Most of the stuff is a zip, take one off put the new one right back. The board sensor , the drive motor cable 3 minute job. Thanks for all the guidance you all gave.

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