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Thread: Moving the finished project

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    Default Moving the finished project

    Hey guys, Is there anyway to move a project I've built on my home computer to my shop computer. I work in two places and would like each of my designs on each computer,but cannot figure a way to move the projects from one to the other without redrawing it....ugh. Help please.

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    Save it to a flash drive, set up a home network, save to a cloud storage and/or email it to yourself.
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    Thanks Brother, I'll get somebody to interpret that and help this old man get er done. LOL.

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    Get a $5 thumb drive, plug it into your USB port and just copy it like any other drive (only it's portable). That's about as low-tech as I can get.

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    If both computers are online I recommend using Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Both are free. Both will automatically upload your files to the cloud and download them to your other computer when you turn that computer on. In other words, folders on each computer are kept synchronised. Files are also automatically backed up in case you have a computer failure.

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    Hey that's right down my line.. I can do that!

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    You could always email the file to yourself.

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    I use DropBox for all of my projects. It is the same as what Dick said below. If I edit a file on either of my devices, it automatically updates the other computer so I am not having multiple copies that I have to go through. It is also free up to I believe 2.2GB.

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    I really am not computer savvy. Do I download "Dropbox" to both computers? Can I get it from google?

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    Ken - are both computers online? Do both computers have Designer? A thumb drive would be the easiest for you.

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