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Thread: flutuation

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwbcpastor View Post
    I just took the bottom off the machine. Gave all the little screws a tighten, slightly loose. I feel more comfortable now that I've looked inside for the first time. It should be easy to change out. Let's see how it goes from this point. Is there any way to run the motor with out a project? You all have got me on the right track! I got another suggestion from Carol this morning. Plan to look at that!
    To run the motor with out setting up a carve use the "axis test" function. From main menu on key pad press 0,8 and arrow down to the cut motor test. Follow the instructions on the key pad display.
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    Thanks so much for this information!! I called carvewright to order the power supple. Chris told me to measure my carbon brushes. They were under 1/4, .250 so I called him back. He said that's your problem so I ordered them. I'll keep ya posted.

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    Some people gripe about Carvewright's postage, but it can usually be circumvented by ordering extra parts that you're likely to need. Brushes at 250 hours - if you're using your machine quite regularly, why not order two pair at once? The flex cable is another good part to have on hand. Or even order an extra bit or two.

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    Dag nab it Dick! You are exactly right. Wish I had thought of that! It was $12 bucks to ship that little envelope. I bet I could have gotten a lot more on this order for the same price.

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    Well. I just got my new carbon brushes. I put them in and reassembled my machine, Greased my flexshaft and ran a cut motor test run. It worked without a flaw. Ran it twice for ten minutes , no problems. I want to thank every one that helped solve this problem,especially Chris at Carvewright who suggested I try the brushes before spending a lot of money on other things. Start with the cheapest fix I guess is what he was saying!

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