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    I'm doing a cutting board and want to make an inlay. Can someone help me set up the cuts? I know I will need two boards, one male and one female.

    Has anyone done this before with the machine?Click image for larger version. 

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    I've only tried it once. I just could not get the two large single pieces with all the inlay patterns to line up. I had to cut each inlay out individually and that worked.

    Good luck and let us know how your results come out. The actual set up of the inlay is not difficult. Just ensure that "scale to fit board" is not selected so the two pieces are the same size (one positive and one negative[inverted]).

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    I saw something on Sawmill Creek years ago where the inlay was cut with a V Bit. The Pig was cut from the underside slightly bigger. Then the pig was set in the board and glued then the higher pig was sanded flush.... It was not a pig but used that to explain it...

    You might need to use a 1/16 inch end mill to get the detail if you cut it the conventional way. Used Circuit Board Bits might be the cheap answer on eBay.
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