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Thread: Burning, How to stop it.

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    Default Burning, How to stop it.

    Hello. I am making some awards for a golf tournament and have been carving for almost 3yrs now on the CarveWright. I still have not figured out how to get rid of the burn marks on all my cut I do. Does anyone know how to prevent this? It is also because it is carving at such a slow speed with crazy fast revolutions. If only there is a way to increase the speed of the route it would be a lot better. Anyways would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Burning is not normal. On what type of cuts is this happening - V carve, cutouts? Are you using Carvewright bits? Pictures would help.

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    Burning is usually caused by a dull bit. Try changing bits even if you are using a new one. Possibly a bad bit.

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    Burning also happens with high moisture wood.

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    Not cleaning your bits to remove pitch build up is probably the #1 cause for them burning.
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    Thank you all for your responses. I do clean my bits after every use. So there is no build up on the actual Cutting Edge of the bit. The type of carving that I am doing is cut outs but doing a cut path with a 3/16 Roman ogee the actual carvewright bit. And trust me nobody makes a 3/16 Roman ogee bit available because I've gone to five different stores and it seems like carvewright is the only one that I can get it from. I will attach a picture of the award that I have done with the burn marks. Let me know what you guys think. ThanksClick image for larger version. 

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    Do you have a router table or router? I have only once did routing with the CarveWright and had similar problems. I now use my router table only. I'm not saying it can't be done, I not sure if you can use the bit in multiple passes to get the depth you want. I have heard that routing with your machine could cause more ware and tear than normal carving. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

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    I do have a router and a table. It's just that I am doing 16 of these and it makes sense to use the machine for productivity and producing the product. I might try and just cut the figure and shape out then take it to the router table. It's just one more step into the process doing it that way.

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    I have never done a cut like that, but based on my router experience I would agree that the speed of cut is too slow. I would try a test cut with a new bit, even if it were not the Roman Ogee, just to rule out bit sharpness. But then I would contact Carvewright technical support and/or Connie. On the surface, this looks like a problem that only they can fix. I suspect not many users are making this type of cut, and Carvewright may be unaware. Meantime I would employ the work-around that you suggested.

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    Thank you Dickb, I appreciate your comments and your advice. I think I will go ahead and give Tech a call and see what they suggest and also let them know if they are unaware of what this bit is doing. Hopefully they have a solution maybe there is some type of setting or some type of program that I can or it will allow me to slow down the speed. Because like I said at the beginning is definitely is an issue of going too slow and therefore causing it to burn. I do have a lot of experience with routers and this is exactly what happens when you go too slow. I just wish there was an option so that I could change the speed myself. I think carvewright is a good program and a good machine I'm just not enough options to run manually yourself.

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