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    Has anyone tinkered around with the FreeCAD program to transfer a design from them to CarveWright? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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    No, I have no experience with that specific program. However, it has a DXF output format. So theoretically given enough time and effort you can get something useful out of it. There is a major requirement, you MUST have the DXF import (~$200 list) module.

    In the end, woodworking comes down to how you and others value your time. If you can find a way to justify a tool/software/pattern/project to whoever is the decision maker (you, your spouse, customer), then go for it. It is not possible to foresee the future and if you are creative you will get multiples of benefit from the original ROI justification.

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    I have not used it but it is a free CAD program.

    There are many ways to import into designer. It saves to STL format so you can use the STL importer add-on or pattern sculptor add-on. It saves to OBJ so you can use pattern sculptor add-on again. It saves to DXF so you can use the DXF add-on.

    All the add-on are an additional cost of course.

    You can also render to an image as a grey scale depth map and import as image file but that usually takes a bit of set up and trial and error. I normally get mixed results doing that.

    It looks like a decent program.

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