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Thread: pattern creation from scan?

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    Default pattern creation from scan?

    First ever scan: I have scanned an object ok and uploaded it to the "designer". The object shows up in the rectangular carved region the size that was entered just prior to the scanning. Now I'm stumped as to what to do next to get just the object into a pattern without the carved region. I tried the point to point cut path around the object itself but upon trying to carve this the machine still recognizes the care region and starts there. Advice?

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    If this was a scan using the scanning probe and Pattern Editor use the magic want tool to select the back ground and delete it. You can also use the lowering tool but sometimes that will remove some areas that you do not want removed.

    If this is a scan on the computer, when importing into Designer in the import window us the lowering arrow to remove the background. It can also be done in a photo/image editing software. Save the image as a PNG format to keep not having the background.
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    Not sure without seeing at least a picture of your scan, but it sounds like you scanned not only the object itself, but the flat area around it! Is that what you did?

    if so, you have two choices...

    1) Scan it again but this time do not allow the Probe to touch the sled base. Watch my scan tutorial video for how this is done. U

    2) Edit your scan manually, and erase the square area all around the part you want to keep (via Pattern Editor tools or Raise/Lower)

    Let me know if I'm on the right track or if I've misunderstood. Also, please DO post a screenshot of your scan!

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    Yes, I watched the probe go over and touch the entire scan area I had placed as requested by the instructions including the object. I would post a screenshot if I knew how, "I'm using a Mac." I will try to find your tutorial. Thank you for the help!

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    Thank you, and I will try directly.

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    To get a screenshot on a Mac hold down shift, command and the number four then hold down left click button and drag the box around what you want to capture.

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    I will try to attach a picture of the project.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	bow end.png 
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    Actually, the picture of the bow end is wrong. It shows what I did with an erase tool to get rid of the scan region around it, but that is not as good a way as you inferred could be done as shown in your scan tutorial video.
    My current problem is that I can't find your video as the link produces a "page not found"....?

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