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Thread: Broad Sensor problems

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    There are a couple of YouTube videos, search Carvewright sensor for the how-to.

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    Thanks for all the help I have ordered sensor and cables plus brgs.

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    Just to give you a heads up....

    1. Be careful and not pull too hard on the cable when you remove the board sensor as it can cause the cable to slide along the slot and pinch the wires shorting out the voltage.

    2. Be careful as the components on the board senor are surface mount components and soldered in place. The parts in the area of the plug have been known to be scrapped off in the act of pushing on the plug. The components have a silk screened box around the parts so it is easy to know if one is missing.

    3. When you crank up the head all the way, you can get it past the threads. When you go to crank down it just clicks... Inside the machine are 2 jacking bolts that raise and lower the head. The one by the bit flag has a hole in it for a small allen wrench. This lets you turn the jacking screw in the direction of the Arrow printed on the X Gear Box area to prime the threads to crank it down.

    Good Luck,

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    Hey denzim,
    I really wish I could help you being I'm having the same error message but with my machine I just recently got it back from carvewright after having it repaired and upgraded at a cost almost equal to a new machine and I haven't even gotten to use it not once yet!! I'm calling them tomorrow (Monday 2/26) and when I find out what's wrong I'll reply to this thread and let you know what they say.

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