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Thread: Machine Down

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    Good Luck !!!
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    I was able to get in touch with LHR this morning and have scheduled a time for 10:00 tomorrow morning to take it to them. They said they should be able to work on it while I am there.

    Will keep you updated.


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    Here it is a week later and I still do not have my machine back yet. I guess they are pretty busy though. I have spoke to Angel a few times and he was not able to recreate the power issue but said he did find a few other things that needed repaired. One was something from the MFG on the newer machines I am guessing. He did not state exactly what the issue was but that he fixed it. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have it back but if not, I will have to wait until next week i guess. I am just wanting to get back to the shop and do some carving. I have created a couple new projects I want to test out and see if they are worth making or not.

    Anyway, happy carving to eeryone else out there...


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