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    I bought my first Project of the Month, the Wheat and Weave Bread Box. My question here is, do I need to do anything to the MPC or is it ready to just load onto the card and start going? I've been skeptical to start this project for a while now because i'm unsure the process.

    Also, I see posts talking about a sled to reduce the waste (extra 7" required). Is there a basic sled that is used for most projects or are they specifically tailored to the project you are working on. Pictures would be appreciated as well so I can better understand what you are talking about or the projects you have completed. Thank you

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    I did the November project of the month "Ships Wheel Clock". The PDF that comes with each project details each step needed to complete it. They are ready to upload and carve. They specify the board(s) size to do the carve without a jig. Most only require the standard 2 carving bits, 1/8 carving and 1/8 cutting.

    Sleds - I've seen a couple of sled designs that are adjustable allowing for more flexibility but usually the sled is designed for a specific sized board. They are most useful when you want to make several carves using the same size board. A sled is (of course) required if the material to be carved is less than 1/2" thick. The Tips and Tricks CW link has a good document on using sleds. It is titled "CarveWrightTips_and_Tricks_Apr08".

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    You might be interested in the "universal Carrier Base" project, available for purchase from the Pattern Depot. It is listed under "Intermediate Projects" Description: " The Universal Carrier Base is an adjustable board holding platform. It frees the user from dealing with end blocks, rails, masking tape, warped boards and tracking problems. There is no need for board waste. The machine measures the length, width, and thickness of the board in the Carrier and the Carrier stays under the rollers at all times. Although it appears just a simple fixture, its use will dramatically change your CarveWright experience. "

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    I'll definitely have to check out that Carrier Base. I want to get into more projects but not to keen on all the waste.

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