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Thread: Converting wireless Puck Lights

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    Default Converting wireless Puck Lights

    I came across this site awhile back and thought I would share it. I have not tried it yet but was wondering what everyone thought of this process. It is taking battery operated puck lights and converting them to powered. It seems like it would work but would the light be enough for a PVC pipe carving?.

    I am just interested to see if anyone has tried this and if it would work or not. Here is the link:

    Chris Jones

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    Looks like an interesting project. Without taking the time to research the cost of the pucks for lumens output and how many would be needed to do a lithophane & a converter I don't know how the cost would work out. Guess space inside could become an issue depending again on light needed vs size of lithophane. Will be interesting to find out the results if someone checks it out in depth, either by math or actually giving it a shot.
    Rick H

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