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Thread: My Carvewright struggles with Cut Path DXF cuts sometimes...Hardware?

  1. Default My Carvewright struggles with Cut Path DXF cuts sometimes...Hardware?

    My Carvewright struggles with DXF cuts will start cutting inward with each pass (which creates a 45 degree angle) It's failing more and more on cut paths. As it cuts, it cuts in closer than I designed it to with each pass. I am inclined to think that it's a hardware issue. I use pine for almost everything I cut. I have been noticing that that the axis that crosses the board (Left and right) is getting jumpy. This is an issue for me as it costs me material.

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    Show some pictures. Are you talking about X tracking issues and stair stepping?

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    How many carving (cut motor) hours do you have? It could be bad/dirty bearing on the Y truck or in the Y gear box.
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    Is it just on DXF vector carves? Try the attached test carve.
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