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    I am new to the Carvewright and I am hoping for some help with a broach project. I plan on carving five small patterns out of a 1/4 inch piece of black walnut.

    My thought was to build a jig and cut the patterns as if it were a lithograph. The problem I see, and I will freely admit there are probably others I have not thought of, is how to cut out the patterns without destroying the jig.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.


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    This is a simple process, I use sleds all the time for 1/4"material. See attached sled, you carve you patterns,
    and do a cutpath with tabs and it should not destroy your sled, my sled is made of 1/2" mdf and I use a 1/4 spacer inside
    so I can use different thickness for the same sled. Just list your project as 1/4" depth and it should not hurt the sled. PS, don't forget to drill a thumb hole thru the bottom of the sled to be able to remove your project from the sled.
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    The cut out path will/may slightly cut into the top of the sled/jig because the bit needs to go deep enough to cut past the bottom of the board. It will not destroy the jig but will leave an outline of the cut path. Any rough edges can be easily sanded down.
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    Here is the type of carrier I use. Usually out of MDF.
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    This is a close up of my 1/4 material jig. It has probably run through the machine 50 times. There does come a time where you either need to plane is flat or start a fresh board.

    (the 1/2 inch end piece in pic was for a special run)
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    Thank you all very much for your help. I will hopefully get to carve these this weekend and I will post pictures of how it turned out. Thank you again.


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