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Thread: Securing Project Piece to Sled - Best Method?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortyscwater17 View Post
    So I have never built a sled before but I see the picture that Dick put up. When it comes to the sled, I would make the sled have 3.5" end pieces and maybe some side rails for support, then just screw or carpet tape the project board to the sled in the area that will not be used? I just made my first Jesus Cross last night and think I want to batch a bunch out but don't want to have the 7" of waste with it. I finally got my new board sensor so i'm aching to get the carving.
    Just checked your message and realised there was no response. You have the basics correct. My suggestion would be to do a search on 'sleds'. There are many posts that should give you tons of info for your own use in building a basic sled. They do save you a lot of wood and also allow you to use thin products. The search should also provide how to purchase plans for sleds that are well thought out and proven from use.. Sorry you didn't get a response sooner.
    Good luck,
    Rick H

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    I didn't respond because naturally I think that the best way to do this is the way that I described.

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