Not sure how many here make Navy Retirement stuff like Shadowboxes and Plaques....

I am the current owner of the domain name

I am looking to sell that domain name to a appropriate business.

I have owned it since 2012 when I was researching new products for my shop . Being a Retired Navy Chief, FCC(SW), with 3 Ships and 10 years of Sea time, I wanted to make a upscale Ships Escort Required Visitor Badge like my Fire Tags and use the domain to market them to the Navy.

I got too busy with the Fire Side and will never develop it so time to pass it along to someone who is doing Navy Retirement Stuff and has a budget to purchase a excellent domain.

I am going to be careful who gets it so it does not bring discredit to the Navy like if a Stripper club bought the domain... That is why I am reaching out to businesses that make Navy Stuff.

Network Solutions has a feature where the Money to purchase the domain goes into a escrow account until the transfer is complete. I also have the Facebook Name too and if possible, it would go with the domain. Not sure how Facebook works.

I have been paying the bills for the domain name pointer page with my Business so it is Business Property to some extent. The Income for the Sale would be Income for me and a Tax Deduction for the Buyer. I am hoping to pass this domain along to a lucky business and make some money in the process.

Posting this to see if anyone here is interested. I have send this to about 30 businesses making Navy Stuff.... Time to scale down the business....