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Thread: New Board Sensor After Only A Month!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DickB View Post
    Are you using a dust collector?
    I am...the Carvewright one, paired with a 13 gal., 1hp Harbor Freight Dust Collector, and about 6LF of 4" hose.

    While I don't have anything to compare it to, I'm not too happy with the setup. Not sure if the dust collector is under-powered, or if the CW DC hood is just not working. Always leaves a lot of sawdust on the piece. Here is what the Navy Aviator Pilot wings look like, 1" oak, after running through the machine:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Seems to me the Harbor Freight 1hp and the CW dust hood would be fine, but your photo does seem to indicate a lot of dust left behind. I'm pretty sure our fellow CW user and friend Robert Dages is using the Harbor Freight 1hp unit with success (I don't know which dust hood he's currently using, or if it would make any big difference anyway).

    I have the larger 2hp Harbor Freight unit (highly modified with a homemade Thein baffle). Leaves the CW machine virtually dust-free. I'm using Floyd's Ringneck Blues dust hood attachment and haven't tried anything else.

    Check to see if you have any significant "leakage" somewhere along the route from the hood to the bag. Do you have many "turns" in the hose that might be reducing collection effectiveness?
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    The reason that I asked about dust collection is that it can help keep parts of the machine such as the board sensor clear. With a functioning dust collector I would not expect the board sensor to be affected by sawdust in so few hours. I have hundreds of hours on mine with no issues.

    In your photo,what type of wood did you carve? I have a home-made dust hood similar in function to yours with a Harbor Freight 1 hp collector. It does not pick up all of the sawdust, but the only time I get carvings packed with sawdust like your photo is when I carve MDF. I would not be too concerned if all of the course sawdust is not being picked up. I believe it is the very fine dust that gets into sensors and can cause problems. My setup does a good job of collecting the fine dust, and yours should as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtylerfl View Post
    Check to see if you have any significant "leakage" somewhere along the route from the hood to the bag. Do you have many "turns" in the hose that might be reducing collection effectiveness?
    It's a straight, 6' shot from the hood to the bends in the hose.

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    How full is the dust bag on the dust collector?
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    I use a craftsman shop vac and have very little dust left overa long as the filter is clean. Seems like you may have an air flow issue. I have found that my board sensor can sometimes be finicky too though. Usually blowing it out with compressed air takes care of it.

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    I have tried using the harbor freight dust collector only to find the same result. After removing the dust collector bag from the dust collector, fine dust clogged the intake and I was getting no suction.
    changed to a delta 1hp with no problems.

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