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    Default Heraldic Lions

    Looking to put together a family crest, but need some different versions of lions than what I've seen out there (Design & Make / Carvewright).

    Does anyone have the ability to create these, or know another website that might have them?

    Below is a Lion Passant Guardant (left) and a Lion Stantant Guardant (right). I'm not as particular about the design of the lion as I am the positions they are in, since from what little bit of research I've done has indicated that different positions represent different things.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Lion Passant Guardant.png 
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ID:	84223Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Lion Statant Guardant.png 
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ID:	84224Click image for larger version. 

Name:	crest.png 
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    Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide!

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    Very cool. I was unaware the positions had different meanings. Good to know. The only active pattern maker I am aware of is Alan Malmstrom.

    I do occasional patterns but not consistent since I am still learning. A pattern like this for me represents many hours so unfortunately have to pass since my honey do list just got to the smack me over the head stage with the wife. Good luck though and let us know how the pattern comes out. I am also working on my family crest but haven't made much progress on it.

    - Oscar

    P.S. There are some talented pattern makers on here.

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    Alan Malmstorm made my family crest from a picture I had and did an excellent job. It was well worth his cost and I have used it to make everything from a Adirondack chair with the entire back of the chair carved, a church pew with the family crest carved on one end and even a candy mold. he's on the forum and can you can send him a private message.... If you look at his website along the back banner of his site is my family crest he made.

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    I wanted to do pattern making as a small business full time gig but have realized that it's not going to work. I have found that even if I get 1500 hits a month on my web site nobody orders any work done. So I've gotten a job working for a printing company about 3 weeks ago. I hope to make enough money to send my kids to college one day.

    I like doing patterns and will continue to do them as a part time weekend job. But I'm not going to do a hole lot of advertising because I don't want to get real busy all of a sudden. But I can take on more work. I've got some big patterns going on this weekend so I may not be able to get more done until next week.

    So now I have to work around my job. My job hours go like this: work three 12 hour days one week with the remaining 4 days off, followed by four 12 hour days with 3 remaining days off the next week. So I'll be available for work on my days off. My web site link is shown below.

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    Thanks for the comments.

    I have all the pieces, except for the two lions.

    Alan, totally understand your issues. I had my own free-lance, graphic design business for a while, but no one wanted to pay me for my time...even though I was well below the average graphic designer's hourly rate. Thankfully it was just a side job, as I had a regular, full-time job as well. I still haven't been successful in getting the lions drawn in Adobe Illustrator, and then imported into Designer with a 3D affect.

    BTW, I don't see a link to your website (no signature line?).

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    Yes the graphic design of patterns is hard work and working a full time job is hard work too. In a way the full time job is better because there's less to worry about.

    I'll be doing a presentation on pattern making at the Carvewright conference in June of 2017. I'll be making a few videos for youtube to show some ways of making patterns when I get time to do them also.

    My website is

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    Hi cgav34

    I got your form submission and the email address that you gave gives an undeliverable error. So you can send me an email from my site and I will send out the estimate.

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