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Thread: Max Cutting Depth with 1/8" Bit

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    Question Max Cutting Depth with 1/8" Bit

    What's the max depth y'all are using when cutting out a project with the 1/8" cutting bit?

    Most of my (limited) work so far has been with 3/4" thick stock, and I've been making 1/4" passes with the bit just to play it safe; but, it leaves distinct lines along the edge of the product that requires some additional sanding to smooth out (not to mention the additional time to go around the piece three times).

    I want to be a little more efficient with my working time, but at cost of $40 to replace, I don't want to push the bit to the point of breaking.

    Thanks for your comments!

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    I have done single-pass cutouts in 3/4" material. At the Carvewright Conference two years ago Joe claimed that the machine and bits were designed and tested to do this. He recommended single-pass cutouts. That said, if I can use a 3/16" bit, I will do it. For example, when cutting out a circular clock, there's no reason not to use a thicker, stronger bit.

    I have used a technique to eliminate the lines that you describe. Make a copy of your cut path. On one copy assign the 1/8" bit using the Select Bit tool, not the Cut Path tool. Assign an offset equal to the bit width so that it cuts outside of the path. Assign a depth of 1/2" and Max Pass of 1/4". On the second copy use the Cut Path tool, single pass, but assign an offset just a fraction of an inch inside the cut path. Because vector cuts are made before cutouts, the machine will make the two passes first. It will follow with the Cut Path tool to complete the cutout full depth but only cutting the final 1/3 material. The slight offset will recut the top 2/3 slightly, eliminating the lines.

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    Excellent, thanks. I'll skip the 1/4" passes and will do it all in one pass.

    Interesting idea in your second paragraph. Might have to try that with thicker stock.

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    Let us know how that goes. I always use 1/4" passes. (I do not like the shrill from the bit and the stress on the machine which comes with the full depth cutting.)

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