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Thread: Back to Demo Mode on PC!?

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    Exclamation Back to Demo Mode on PC!?

    I have Designer (Basic) installed on two PC's (home & work), and all has worked fine on both machines until today...

    I restarted my home PC this evening (first time restarting it since installing software), and when I opened up Designer it opened in Demo mode. Huh!? So I went to "manage licenses", and it said no more licenses were available. Logging into my customer account, I see that both PC's are still registered, using both of the available licenses.

    Why would restarting the PC make it now unrecognizable to the Designer license? Is it based on ip address? How can I get the home PC back up and running again!? I don't see any option to delete PC's from my customer account.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Home PC is most important one, since that's the one I use to send files to the memory card.

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    Call carver wright and they can and will help you
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    Your PC probably had some updates installed that changed your PC ID #.
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    This happens to me (nearly) every time I restart my comoputer. 75% of the time I can reload a saved license file and it works, sometimes I can download a new license file from the CW site and have that work. But other times I have to use my "spare" computer license, then email LHR and have them delete the other file. I'm glad I don't need both computers because it always seems to happen at an inopportune time.

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    When you install the software be sure to right click on the installation file and select "Run as Administrator"

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