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Thread: Lusting after a CX Machine

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    I am a student on the GI bill and kind of relying on the GI bill housing stipend to pay rent. Well my school is breaking for summer break here in June. That is 3 months without the GI bill payments. I am trying to feel out my options.

    Those of you who sell and what not.
    How long did it take you to figure out the machine and software to start carving sellable quality stuff?
    How long did it take you to build up enough inventory to set up a booth?

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    There is a learning curve but I had sell able items in the first week of using the machine. Many times when I decide to do a show now a days I can whip up 30 items to sell in about 2 weeks but that is pushing myself (I do have a full time job). I often hit the cull lumber and the dumpsters for wood so I do not pay much for wood. I use a sled as the wood may not be perfectly square or straight although I get it as close as I can.

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    We had our machine for a good year before we felt comfortable with designing and making items of a salable quality in a reliable manor. As far as trying to make a livable income through the summer by doing shows you might want to really crunch the numbers. For a lot of us by the time you figure material, travel,show cost and other expenses there isn't a lot left over to cover labor. As far a inventory, if you can find that one or two items that sell consistently that is the key. We make Anniversary / Wedding plaques we do not do shows as these are custom order and not on the spot sales. However I have a friend that carves Corian cutting boards and coasters, shows are the best thing for him to do, he will sell out every weekend. Whatever you do, take the time and do some research, best of luck
    Rick Mock

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