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Thread: Broken 1/8 Cutting Bits....

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    Default Broken 1/8 Cutting Bits....

    I broke my second 1/8 cutting bit today, I was cutting a purchased project, in 3/4 pine, it was on it's second cutting pass when it broke. I'm going to check the cover switch to make sure vibration isn't slowing the spindle once in a while, other than that I'm looking for any other suggestions. It was my second bit, but I can't remember which of my machines the first one broke on, it was a while back.... might make diagnosis of a problem a bit harder

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    Snapping a cutting bit is usually all about binding the bit in the cut especially since you were on the 2nd pass. Things to check, Make sure the in and out feed tables are level with the belts so the board does not bump into a high feed table and tilt UP binding the bit. A Y Gearbox going bad can cause a bit to snap due to the slop in the motion. I am not sure how you are setting up the project on a board. IF the board comes out from under one of the rollers, the board can TILT UP and bind the bit snapping it. Having the board held by 2 rollers is best. Using Masking Tape on the bottom of the board where the brass roller contacts will help too. IF the brass roller looses contact with the board it will cause a STEPPING of the cut path as seen in this OLD clock project in a 4 pass cut.

    To get the extra 4 inches of wood I use a FrugAL trick and tape a block on the end and use place on corner or end rather than center on board. I draw a 4 inch rectangle on the right side of the designer screen and keep the art to the left.

    Let us know,

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