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Thread: ALERT - Security Software Problem

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    Default ALERT - Security Software Problem

    Today my Norton Security Software decided that Pattern Sculptor is a security risk and auto-deleted the program from my computer! I was in the next room and noticed a window poped up on my idle computer screen. It stated "Norton detected Pattern Sculptor is a security risk and it has been deleted". Sure enough the icon button on my screen no longer launched the program and the executable program had been deleted from the program file. Had I not seen the pop up window before it then disappeared, I wouldn't have a clue. I tried to contact Carvewright...its a Saturday. Then I was able to get a chat window with Norton. The tech was able to restore the program after 20-30 minutes of fooling around. I asked what happened. He said all computer programs have a "reputation". Programs with lots of users and frequent use have lots of information on them. Programs with few, infrequent users has little or no information for Norton to evaluate. With Sculptor being a little used, little known program, Norton apparently decides after a while it is a security risk and auto deletes it. What really bugs me is my Sculptor program has been on my computer a year ot two, has been used infrequently, but used. Out of the blue a computer program (Norton) decides another program is a risk and deletes it. Sound like the Matrix, Big Brother or something like that. And it doesn't leave a message that the user (me) can see to know whats going on.

    So if you have lost a program lately, check your security software. an Agent may be lurking inside your computer.

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    I would dump Norton in a split second. That is nonsense for it to delete a program like that. If you insist on keeping Norton, try adding Sculptor to the Norton safe-list so it will leave Sculptor alone. Also, check to see if you can engage an option to Ask before it deletes anything.
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