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    Does anyone know where i can find, what I call trunk hardware. I am looking for hardware for my trunk that i can mount a shelf inside to the lid and it will move with the lid opening and closing, much like a fishing tackle box. I hope i explained to give you an idea. I search trunk hardware and only find, handle, hinges and the like, but not what im looking for. I guess i dont know the name for what i want. Anyone know.

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    I looked up jewelry tray support and found this on. Kind of pricey.
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    Google cantilever hinges

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    I thought this was cool.. would need to add a tie-in to the lid.

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    Hey, thanks guys I think I can replicate the wood one for this large trunk and make them out of walnut to match. Appreciate the help from both you guys.

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    When I searched for jewelry tray support, I came upon this. A little on the expensive side.
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