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    In the Game of Thrones Chess set by Joe Lovchik from the 2014 CarveWrighht Conference the chess pieces are imported from When I import them using my STL importer they come over requiring wood with a 4.25" diameter. The pieces have only a 2" diameter base. Using a piece of wood 17/4 when only 8/4 is needed is a waste of wood and carving time. Is there a way that I can reduce the required carving piece to 2.25" or 2.5"? When I change the board diameter to 2.5" in the "Board Settings" the carved piece goes black and the piece to be carved vanishes. Thank you.

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    Unless there is a setting that I have missed in the import screens to adjust the board size, I think you will have to adjust the size of the board after the import and then resize the imported pattern to fit the board. You will also have to play with the depths. I haven't used it in a while so this is just from memory.
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    I believe that what you say is correct, Steve. My problem is that when I change the size of the board to 2.5 in the "Board Settings" my carving vanishes and its former location turns black. I don't know how to find or adjust it.

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    If you look at the bottom of the window, you should see something like "[Pattern: Rotary] Req. Dia. 2.00" when you hold the mouse pointer over the carving in the left window. If I remember correctly, you will be able to choose 2.00" for the dowel size at the machine before carving.

    Alternately, one can resize the dowel and pattern in Designer. This is a little tricky. I have posted instructions for this:

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    Thank you, Dan, what you are saying is for your #4. solve the proportional equation X/2.114=2.25/4.25 where 2.114 is the cut depth at a 4.25" diameter and 2.25" is the new desired diameter. X=1.119" the cut depth for a 2.25" diameter board. Similarly for your 6. the height X/4.25=100/2.25, X= 189. In addition one should change the old "Rotary" rectangle from 13.359(4.25 X pie) to 7.07(2.25 X pie). I did it and it works, thank you very much, I will post pictures when I get the pieces cut.

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    where do I purchase the chess pieces, I have looked every where they are not

    Elmo Sr

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