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    Default Muffler

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    Hello All,

    I have extracted the warm air and sound from the cut motor
    for years out the wall to the out side for years, yet still
    getting a high pitched sound. out side.

    I have now rig up this Tractor Muffler up and it has reduced the high
    pitch sound greatly.

    Not pretty but it dose what I was hopping it would.
    Happy Carving

    Robert D.

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    I like your idea here Looks like a thru flow muffler with a larger diameter inside than the carvewright exhaust port, which should work great with out adding extra back pressure on the cooling fan. I see some hooking dust collection to this port also. Not a big fan of that idea, thinking the fan can pull enough dust thru it and does not really need any help it that area. Does the plastic flex hose you are using allow noise to resonate out.

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    You have a real muffler going. That is so awesome. I have my ear protection on but I am sure the rest of the neighborhood would love that.

    Pretty nifty.

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