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Thread: Carving pattern larger than machine limit...

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    Question Carving pattern larger than machine limit...

    How do I carve a pattern that will be 45" by 42" ? I seem to remember someone explaining it at the conference a year or two ago, but the instructions didn't seem to find a home in my memory. Thanks!

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    You carve it on 3 boards. You would put the bottom 1/3 on an 11" board 1/4" from the bottom edge, save that as bottom, slide the whole thing down until it is centered vertically, save that as middle. Then slide everything down until the top is 1/4" fro the top edge and save that as top. Now carve those 3 boards on 12" wide boards so you have edges for the rollers to ride on. YOU will have to trim the pieces to line-up, and glue them together.
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    Thank you! That is just TOO easy.

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    Here is a Tips & Tricks on the process:
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