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Thread: Is a feature like a Centerline Vcarve going to show up within Designer?

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    Default Is a feature like a Centerline Vcarve going to show up within Designer?

    First of all, I am not talking about text. I am talking about importing some artwork and having Designer look at the lines, create a centerline vector and then carve the artwork, making changes in the depth of the bit to match the line thickness of the artwork. I've been doing this with fonts and importing my images as a font but the process doesn't produce super clean results. Sometimes it produces good results but it really depends on the font software and it's ability to import complex artwork as a glyph. The more complex the artwork the more issues arise.

    This is a quote from M.Tyler which I found in the archives section. I know he isn't a CW employee but he was/is connected to the company in a way that allows him to probably have some inside info.

    In the current version of Designer, you cannot perform "centerline" on anything other than fonts or drawn vectors and manually assigning a v-bit to follow the vector itself. (Only fonts will carve "centerline" inside a closed vector in Designer.)

    The Paradise Box Project ( created for Vectric is just one example of the "centerline" technique I believe you are referring to (you can see from the link, I have designed about a dozen other projects that include the "chip-carved" style...i.e., what we are loosely describing as "centerline" here). Aspire, ArtCAM and other CAM software products do allow for "centerlining" the interior of closed vectors, and are not limited to fonts only.

    A future, more advanced version of Designer will add that same capability, I'm sure. For the moment, we'll need to wait.
    So is this more advanced version of Designer coming?
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