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    Default Service department????

    LHR is your ever reading this I want you to know how disappointed I am with your service. Ive not had much issue with my carvewright or even your service department in the 2 years of owning my machine. But the past 3 weeks have really left a bad taste.

    3 weeks ago I placed an order for some repair parts. After 7 days of no package and realizing I never actually even received a tracking number I emailed support inquiring of its whereabouts. Only to find out the order had not even been shipped yet, an entire week and no ship??? The parts were not even on backorder.....that is ridiculous that the parts Im waiting on to fix my broken non running ,non earning machine are just sitting around for an entire week because nobody could be bothered to ship them?? Ok 1 experience doesnt make everything bad

    A week later I place an order for a new replacement cut motor through your website. This was on Friday morning, this time being a little more alert to my previous experience.... I waited until Monday to look for my tracking number. Again...4 days albeit 2 business days and no tracking number. Again I email support, only this time I dont get a response until Weds?? 2 days to respond....ok??? Now im told that LHR doesnt have any stock available of new cut motors and has absolutely no idea when they will be available. WOW thank you for wasting my time, why was this item listed in stock on your website?? Why did nobody contact me instantly to notify me my order was backordered. Why did I have to go out of MY way to contact YOU only to find out you didnt even have the product you advertised you did? I also might add you had no problem taking my money for this product that is apparently non existent. Again this is ridiculous. So I cancel my order only to then be notified it would take up to 4weeks to process a refund??? 4 weeks? What on earth is going on?? It took 2 seconds to charge my card for a product you never even had and now I have to wait a month to get my money back?? Thats not how it works guys, my refund should be put back in my account instantly as it is at any other vendor when I return or cancel an item.

    Being a little frustrated at this point (and I promise Im a long fuse) I decide to call service and actually speak to a real person because surely this was some generic email I get and a real person would talk me off the ledge of anger.

    I dont even know how to describe my experience calling in, it was unlike any experience I have ever had calling a professional businesses customer service line. The conversation was pretty much this

    Automated 0

    LHR Live person : HELLO

    Me: Hello?

    LHR: Hello?

    (me now double checking my phone screen to make sure I didnt accidently call someone else)

    Me: (Now realizing yes this is LHR im talking to) Yes I had some questions about an order I placed

    LHR: *Long Awkward Pause*....................Ok?

    Me: Ok

    LHR: Yes?

    Me: (very confused right now) Yaaa was trying to order a cut motor and they are backordered

    LHR:*Long pause*....... Ok

    Me: I cancelled my order and was now told it would take 4 weeks for a refund, is this true

    LHR: Well thats more your credit card companies policy not us

    Me: Thats ridiculous

    LHR: OK

    What business answers the phone without introducing who you just called? Felt like I just called a teenagers cell phone. How about "Hello LHR my name is John how can I help you" , who responds with 2 letter replies?? I felt like I was in twilight zone. Never in my life have a run into a CNC companies service department that performed so unprofessionally.

    Now I have a down machine with no idea when or if Ill ever be able to use it again, and when I call the one place I should be able to rely on for answers I left feeling even more frustrated with even more questions.

    Thanks for absolutely nothing guys! Ive never asked for much, never even bothered you through the years of all the machine quirks and silly repairs ,just kept fixing it and carving. Now when I really do need you, I get nothing

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    Hi gbrlbll,

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience with the service department. We strive to provide the best service available, so your input is much appreciated. I will be contacting you today to resolve this.
    Joe Lovchik

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    Just to provide an update,

    Joe Lovchik did call me and leave me a voicemail informing me that a shipment of cut motors had come in. I returned the call and spoke to Chris who said that they could still reinstate my order since the refund hadnt been processed yet and if I reinstated my order they would ship a motor out that same day (this was a friday). I did reinstate my order because obviously I need a motor. A new motor arrived that following Weds.

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