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    Default Sculptor not responding

    I am going to call Joe on Monday, he had left by the time I got home from work on Friday. But I thought I would give the "experts" on here a shot at figuring it out, so I can play with it this weekend

    I purchased it after the conference. Michael did a darn fine job inspiring us! I downloaded it as a demo first. It shows a good registration -Connie confirmed.

    Using it as standalone, I can import an STL. On the import tab, all of the options are in black (selectable), but clicking on them has no effect, check boxes cannot be checked. Clicking on Accept has no effect. Only the selection arrow can be selected, no light position or type. Clicking on the Tools or Export tab has no effect. From the file menu, I can open a file, but cannot do anything with "recent" documents.

    I can select a different material, and rotating it using the cube works.

    I get the same results when I right click on a pattern in the library from within designer, it opens to the tools tab. While I can use the smoothing tool on the object, I cannot move any of the sliders (again black, not grayed out), and cannot select either of the other two tabs.

    Win 7 machine, 6gb ram, i5.

    I have removed and re-installed the software twice (ran as administrator). There must be something lingering in the registry, as the license info has repopulated.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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