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Thread: Upgraded CW and accessories for sale

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    Hello there everyone! I have been using my carvewright since about 2008 and it has been an amazing piece of equipment. However in the past 4 years it has become something that I only use on occasion despite my upgrades to the rig.

    I am trying to raise funds for a dream trip to japan to compete in a world championship event being held there, and so selling the carvewright seems like an obvious choice to help make that happen.

    Included in this bundle would be:

    The Carvewright (I believe it is either an A or a B model), which recently had its flex shaft replaced (and since unused).
    It has 377 Hours and 19 minutes of cut time and 423 hours 40 minutes total on time

    A dust collection unit and the rig to insert it into the carvewright (I built the dust collection port that was designed and cut out by the carvewright itself),

    The bits that I currently own (a fresh 3/16 carving bit, a 1/16th carving bit, and a 1/8th cutting bit),

    The memory card and reader

    And the custom table that I had built to mount the carvewright on.

    The carvewright itself has been upgraded with the improved solid chuck system, and the improved traction belts. I believe I also have a scanning probe but would need to locate it.

    I am looking to get 1300 OBO of the entire kit, or you could make offers on individual pieces (obviously shipping the table would be a little difficult but something could be arranged for more local purchases.)

    I live in Kalamazoo Michigan.

    Feel free to message me here, I can provide any information and pictures needed for you.

    Please help me make this dream come true!

    I removed your phone number as per forum rules.. Contact should be made through private message system and then you can trade contact information..
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