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Thread: board carrier help?

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    Default board carrier help?

    I need to make a carrier that will hold a piece 2.5"x2.5"x.5" piece of graphite.

    Any suggestion on a carrier that will work good for that size?
    Thinking about taking a piece of mdf and cuting a square out and using that but retaining the piece is my concern.
    Hot glue or two sided tape would eventually tear the board. Not sure if i tape the edges down it would hold the graphite.


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    Several options for this really. Here are 2 that I use most often.

    1. Using 3/4" thick stock cut a pocket 2.5x2.5x.5 for the piece to sit in. I would over size the pocket just a tad and also drill a hole through the bottom to push the piece out when done. Masking tape applied around the edges to hold the piece in works great for me.

    2. Using a base board, build up the top with pieces of 1/2" material to form the pocket and side rails and 3 1/2" ends. Same thing with the tape to hold piece in place.
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