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Thread: Outline Pattern Tool, Straight line technique

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    Hello all,

    I need help with a frustrating technique.

    I have Designer 3. I have only bought the program no mods yet. I am cutting out 8" letters from a .png (AREA 23) It is being used on a sign. I only have the image importer so far.

    Once I import the image I am able to use the "Outline Pattern tool" to make vectors. However, the outline follows the .png exactly and is cutting the pixelated edges instead of straight lines. I can't figure out how to edit the vectors or smooth the lines.

    The end result is not bad. I can knock off the rough edges with sand paper but, if I were able to cut straight lines it would reduce my machine time and have less touch up time after.

    Please help
    Frustrated Noobe.

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    The first thing to try is to maybe find out what font was used in the png and just use designer text to make the letters. Your other options would be to clean up the png to remove the pixelated edges or use the drawing tools to trace over the outline to make new vectors.
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    I you post the png, someone here could trace it, import it into Designer, and post it back to you.

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    This is an artists work no font was used she made it up as she went.

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    The file is attached.
    Quote Originally Posted by bergerud View Post
    I you post the png, someone here could trace it, import it into Designer, and post it back to you.
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