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    Felt like a really busy weekend but got two of my honey does done. yay!

    The first was a picture frame for a small canvas art piece my wife is entering into an art competition. Had to figure out how to frame a stretched canvas. Decided to frame around the internal canvas frame.

    Her instructions for the picture frame were:
    1. It has to be beautiful.
    2. It has to be simple.
    3. Has to incorporate flowers since the competition is themed around flowers.
    4. It can't be better than her art piece.

    Nothing hard about those instructions.

    I wanted to show off the two frames I made. Only one was required. Somehow I measured wrong and made the first frame the wrong size. Had to go back and re-do it to the correct size.

    The second project was a meditation bench. The entire reason I had created the ohm symbol a while ago. This honey do project had been on the list a while. Wife loved it so all is forgiven.

    While I was waiting for the CW to finish carving I realized I have my few CW router bits floating around in different areas so decided to make a little storage box for them so I don't lose them. It all scrap pieces. I have a purple heart bottom, maple top and front, and poplar sides. Used a wooden hinge for the top. Drilling straight is still my nemesis. Hinge fingers cut on the band saw and then pin hole drilled with a hand drill. I wanted to see how fast it could be done this way. I hate to say it because I have spent so much time exploring other methods but this took maybe 5 minutes to cut. If I take better care and layout my lines correctly this should only take about 15 minutes to cut and fine tune. I am not giving up on the other ways but for utilitarian pieces this will be the way I go. Just takes a little bit of practice to get them right I think.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails daisy rosette frames.jpg   meditation bench front.jpg   meditation bench top.png   CW router bit box top.jpg  

    CW router bit box.jpg   CW router bit inside.jpg  

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