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Thread: Wood working show in Pasadena Tx. Feb. 26-28

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    I too am also worried about the future of our machines. It seems to me that concentration over the last two years has been to make money off of existing users rather than growing the base. The constant running out of stock of basic items has worried me as well. Many new woodworkers are part of a community on you tube. Other CNC makers are flooding you tube with machines. xcarve has been giving machines to popular woodworkers on you tube for the advertising benefits of the followers seeing the machines in use on the shows. You don't see carvewright anywhere on youtube except for older commercials and tutorials. I like my machine and hope to use it for many years but I too am worried.

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    I agree with your comments 100%. Well stated!

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    I also just noticed that prices are taking a dramatic increase. The memory card programmer used to sell for $45 at lowes and Home depot and when you bought one it was shipped from LHR. LHR sold them for around $60 and now they have jumped to $99 so with shipping its over $100. Prices on Brushes and other maintenance items have jumped as well. I hope this is not a trend as well. I am not putting down LHR, in fact I still think they have a great product that was very affordable when it first came out.

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    Yes, I agree that they may be pricing themselves to the unemployment lines ... They have, in my opinion, been trying to bilk us guyz whom have had the machine for yrs and have gone through the expense of the maintenance and repair ... Not to mention the software, folks need to get breaks somewhere along the line.. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from when they sold me designer 2.0 less than a month before the release of the new designer.. They could have easily informed me that a new version was READY for release in 2 or 3 weeks... But nope they sold me 2.0 then expect me to feel good about it ... I haven't purchased anything from them since .. And I alwayz was one to believe in supporting LHR so it would be able to stay around ... Someone mentioned the XCarve, that's where I think I'm gonna end up, and it's a lot less then a CW plus the software is OPEN SOURCE .... FREE
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