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Thread: question on litho settings

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    Default question on litho settings

    I have just created a new litho and it just doesn't look sharp that is why I questioning my settings.
    attached is the picture I used to create the pattern and the pattern itself.
    The settings are depth of 200 and height of 400. should I have stayed at 180 or not.
    please see attachments and give me your suggestion on the settings.
    Fell free to adjust the ptn if you feel you can get a sharper image.
    To the average customer it looks great, but to me it could be sharper.
    My version is 3.0
    Perry B.
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    I would stay at the 0.180 depth setting, less chance of a carve through. Try adjusting the height up or down. 300 (to me) looked a little better.
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    I think Floyd's settings make a big difference.

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    Also I seen where you are using the 1/16 ballnose, if you use the 1/32 ballnose details really show up ( I prefer the 1/32 ballnose.)

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