I was asked if I could create a tutorial video on how I create my patterns. Its been a somewhat long road to get to where I am at and I am nowhere near being proficient yet.

The whole skill sets in creating good tutorials is also an entirely different thing as well. So here is my first video creation as an experiment and as a learning point for myself. It is not a tutorial but a quick over the shoulder look at how I make a simple cross. The entire process took maybe three minutes from opening blender 3d to having the CW pattern. This is not indicative of what a complex pattern takes. I have literally taken several weeks to build a complex 3d model. The skills value in creating 3d models is cross platform which can be used in 3d printing and general cnc pattern creation.


Youtube has been my #1 instructor in learning blender 3d. I have purchased several books on blender 3d which were also very valuable tools but the videos cemented my learning. Like everything else practice and more practice helps fine tune the skills. Again nowhere near proficient but a ton of fun.