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Thread: 3D Tools Cross Section Windows, Fractions, and Snap in Designer 3

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    Default 3D Tools Cross Section Windows, Fractions, and Snap in Designer 3

    I use the snap grid all the time. I also need to use fractions to be exact. It is important to use 1/16 because 0.063 is not 1/16. 0.031 is not 1/32. One must be careful of these round off errors. For example, one must not hit OK when these decimal approximations are in the edit box.

    Now here is the problem: The numbers which can be typed in the snap edit box cannot be greater than the board size. For example, if the board size is 6 X 6 , one cannot type 7/32 for the grid size because the numerator 7 is larger than the board size. This is not so much a problem with snap grids on boards, but, it is a problem with snap grids in the 3D tools cross sections. One cannot, for example, type 1/16 (or any fraction) in the edit box unless the board is at least 1" thick. The good news is that once the snap has been chosen, it is now the same for all of the 3D tools and Designer 3 will even remember it as the default for cross sections (even though it forgets the board snap every time!).

    So here is the trick to using exact snap grids in the 3D cross section windows. Change the board thickness to 1", go to a 3D cross section (any one will do) and type in the fraction for the snap grid. Now go back and return the board thickness to what it was.

    If one wants to change the cross section snap fractions often like I do, it is useful to use another mpc to do it. That way one does not have to mess around with the actual project board. Attached is a simple mpc which you can use. Have it open along with your project. Any time you want to change the snap grid setting of the cross sections, just switch to it, double click on the extrusion and change the snap in the cross section window. Now switch back to your project and all cross section grids will have the new snap interval.
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    That is nice to know on my cross sections have not been exact useing a .75 board, it's always the little things that miss you up !

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