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Thread: Z- Axis Stall E06-0313

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    Let me also add that before all this started with my machine both the Programmer and the Card went bad and had to be replaced. When i got the new stuff I was 25% through my first carving and then the error started and havent been able to do anything since.

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    Hi dragonsair, I have a similar problem. What I have found is the FFC cable connection to the Z board on MY machine is very very sensitive. Both are new, but even sitting for a week I can get a Z stall error. Yesterday I went to do a simple board measure and Z stall. All was fine when I put it back together a week earlier. So I reached in and pushed in on the FFC cable. Stall is gone. You should try some reseating of the FFC and see if the Z stall is cleared.
    I am disappointed that my new parts have such sensitivity problems.

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    i have the same issue with 14 hours on the machine

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    First thing to do is put a 1/8 inch bit in the machine and move the truck over to the keypad side and lower the head. LOOK and see if the bit drilled a hole in the brass roller PLASTIC HOLDER. IF it DID.... Then the bit passes through the hole rather than STOP on TOP of the plastic holder. Let us know what happened. That is the most common reason for this error code.

    You can also call Hardware Support too after you check this. Glue will fix it... You really don't want metal as it will dull the bit when it keeps hitting it.

    Favorite Saying.... "It's ALL About the Brass Roller"..... And "Use MASKING TAPE" for board skipping in the X or breaking bits.

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    I got the same error and the z truck would not move very far. thought oh no motor failure. turned out to be a small piece of wood had got between the belt and pulley on the z truck cleaned it relubed works great i bought this machine from sears in 2007


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