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    Default Conference Value

    I am trying to decide on the conference. I figure with the registration, flight, hotel and car I would be in it for about $2k. I would be interested in what folks that have been there find most worth the trip.

    Oh, and I could see my MIL... is that a plus or minus? (note I put hotel in the costs )

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    traveling from Montana is also costly. But well worth it. You will learn a lot from the Joe and Connie . Other presenters are very good also. The troubleshooting and machine preventive maintenance was very helpful, I have missed the last 3, because of family health issues . I really miss seeing all the new stuff . Meeting other carvers is very helpful . Everyone shares information and you will meet some great people.

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    Ross , nice to see you again, your projects are really great. Looking forward to seeing you again
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    Diane ... I have traveled from Oregon to 3 difference conferences and I would say YES, it is well worth the money to attend the conference(s). The first hand experience of seeing what is new, refreshing your memory on what you knew (but forgot about) the different programs and best of all... meeting the people from LHR and Forum Members makes it well worth your time/money.

    When new features/software are showcased there is nothing like being at the conference in person to fully appreciate what is happening at CarveWright. At least for me, I learn so much more by visually seeing what is happening than to read about it later and try and figure out what they are talking about. Sharon

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    I agree 100% with the statements above. I travel all the way from NY, rent a car etc and have attended the last two years and am looking forward to this year. Presenters all do an outstanding job. Lots of opportunity to ask questions. It is incredibly informative. Nice to meat CarveWright staff, they are great people! Great to meet carvers from across the country and share experiences. A very pleasant experience.

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