Yes, I have just finished my 3rd attempt at carving a Lithophane, and had to walk away from it with much less than satisfactory feelings.

First, I had constructed a new jig and (this time) I let the CW do the work of handling the recessed area. In fact, I made it to the same dimensions that were given in the CW Lithophane Tutorial. Though I did select the 3/16" carving bit, instead of the 1/16" one - which I am sure (looking over the situation in retrospect) accounted for the cutout overage - which, in turn, more than likely accounted for the carving mishap at the top of the Lithophane.

Another niggle of concern has to do with a CW reading just before the start of the carve. My actual board was a 24"x 12", with a virtual board drawn in as 17"x12". The carve region was imputed at 10"x 12", but the CW's LCD readout seemed to give it a 12"x 12" reading, instead. At one point I cancelled the whole operation, and went back upstairs (to the computer) to check everything. Sure enough, the Designer program revealed that everything was as I had needed/set it to be.

Also, when I pulled my mom's photo in I wanted to give it a bit of a border. So, I sized her photo at 9-1/2" x 7-1/2" ( thinking that this would, effectively, give me a 1/4" border on all four sides). However, it turned out that there was about a half-inch border on all four sides, at the end of the carving.

What the heck did I do wrong?

I will post a pic of the mis-carved area, tomorrow, and (hopefully) someone might have some info on remedies for the above situations.