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Thread: The Universal Carrier Base

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    Not having used a UCB, I am guessing here, but I would think you need to enter the project board thickness plus the thickness of the UCB.

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    I am sorry that I have not replied earlier. The carving depth is determined solely by the touch to the surface. If the machine is having trouble bobbing down the hole, I would check that the black part of the rails which are supposed to be under the board sensor is under the board sensor after the jog and that the black is black enough to fool the board sensor. Just try measuring the board and see if the the machine is measuring the board width and not the carrier width.

    I suggest you try a simple carve which has a depth less than 1/2" just to get familiar with the carrier. The machine will not bother to measure the board thickness in this case.

    You could also try your project on a scrap board down on the belts. It is possible that the problem has to do with the machine and not the carrier.

    Posting the project might help to trouble shoot.

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    Hello all, I am working on a project where I'm using my scrap board in the sled, my centerline carves where coming out fine (correct depth). The project uses a font I've never used before, but was getting good results on my scrap board. When I replaced the scrap board with my production board, I noticed the board was not even all around so I adjusted the height in the sled to be uniform. The board now sites at 3/16ths. When I did the carve, it just scraped the centerline, never carved deep into the wood. Sadly, this was my production board, so I'm trying to salvage it. I've left it in the machine, and haven't turned off power. Any idea why it would be acting this way? And any solutions you can provide? Thanks!

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    Is there a video anywhere where someone with experience talks through the use of the UCB from the beginning to end?
    Likewise, has anyone ever posted a version 2 of the written instructions for the build and for using the UCB?
    Where would I find either or both of those?

    The only video I saw showed it in use, coming out of the machine with a carved project... I'm looking for anything and everything that came before that .

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    I've never seen a video and this thread has been used by most since the UCB was created. I don't believe there is a v2, Bergerud may have edited his post for any corrections he felt necessary. There is a group of users on Facebook, not sure if he is active there but someone else may answer you questions.

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