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Thread: How to carve simple, clean, shallow text? Please help?

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    Default How to carve simple, clean, shallow text? Please help?


    My grandfather bought a CarveWright about five years ago and he is getting old so he is training me to carry on his wood working skills along with his entire workshop. He's hardly used the CarveWright and for the last few weeks I've been learning how to use it myself. I've learned a bunch I've been able to figure out somethings but I'm still not sure how do a few things. So I'm hoping you guys can help!

    I am wanting to make a cutting board for my aunt, for her birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. I would like to do something like this picture I've attached. But I can't seem to figure out how to get the CarveWright to make a shallow carve like you see with the name on this board. I don't want it to edge out, I just want it to look simple and clean like the picture below. I don't want it to dig out around the text, I want it to carve out the text itself.

    I'm sure its just a simple setting that I am missing so any insight you could provide would be extremely helpful.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello Jammer and welcome to the Forum. I think you will receive a variety of replies to assist you in creating the text you want to carve.
    My personal opinion of the text shown in that photo is probably burned into the cutting board by a laser rather than being carved in. This would also explain the dark color caused by the charring of the wood. May I suggest the following.
    1. Compose your text in Designer using one of the variety of TrueType fonts on your PC. For different size letters make that line by itself. You can do just as shown in that photo using the curved setting to wrap text around the top or bottom of an arc. Now to cut a test piece on common pine or other inexpensive wood.
    2. When you have a complete design on your "board" set it's depth to about 0.02 and view the effect in Designer. Yes it will be carved all around the letters raising them "up." If you are satisfied with the layout, select all the lettering and click on the invert (I) button. The text should now appear just a bit sunken into the board and it will carve as a raster layout. Now you can upload the project to your card and carve the design on your CW. You can experiment with different depths to see what gives you the best effect on your piece.

    Good luck and happy carving.
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    Centerline is another option if you have it, bottom right of the text window should allow you to change to centerline or outline. If you don't have this option but you have a V bit, you can do your text layout as stated above, then right click and select outline. Once you've made outlines of the text, delete original text, then select all of the outlines, right click and select assign bit, select V bit (90 or 60 degrees depending on what you have) and set depth to .03" or play around w it to see what you like best. Hope this helps! Oh, and welcome to the forum!
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    Maybe this example will help guide you. I created it entirely with Designer 3.
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