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Thread: Lousy Carving Quality

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    Thanks Henry1, I'm trying to remain positive. I have carved some items with success, but have never been satisfied with the quality.

    I've owned the Carvewright for several years now and wish I could get it to carve right the first time. There are some things that I don't like about how it operates. If it messes up on a carve, you can't start it from where it left off, so therefore the first carving is junk.

    I might need to purchase a smaller carving bit for some of the work I do (1/32"). The smallest bit I have is 1/16".


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    I don't know of any Carvers in my area. I live in the St. Cloud Minnesota area. One of the main problems I have is; I travel every week, and only have weekends to work with the Carvewright.


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    I see a couple of problems. For one, your pattern is not very good to start. The lettering in particular does not have sufficient height to be seen well. You might consider asking someone to create a better pattern for you. Second, you are really asking too much of the machine with this particular pattern. The rope around the edge has too fine of detail to carve at the size that you are trying to do. The pattern needs to be enlarged to at least double to be able to carve the rope, in my opinion.

    I suspect the misalignment may have resulted from flipping the board incorrectly, but I'm not positive of that. As you are drilling a hole for the clock mechanism from the front, I recommend a different method. Do not use a 2-sided project. Lay out the clock recess separately on its own project. Center the recess on a small virtual board. After carving and machining the front. flip the board and run the recess project. Use Jog to center and place the bit right over your hole - that will place the recess right where you want it. (I have done many two-sided projects and this method works best for me.)

    BTW I'm in Crosslake MN.

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    I have the1/32 bit and dose a super job I use it on all my carves now much better detail !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjwilson57 View Post
    I have not had any real success in having a clean carve since I bought this CNC. I'm beginning to regret the purchase.

    The first picture has no real quality in the carving, what am I doing wrong!!

    The second picture shows a misalignment from back to front. This is a clock with the face on the front and the cutout for the clock movement on the back.This misalignment did not show up on the software.

    Hi Steve,

    The CW is certainly capable of getting a great quality carve! There is no difference between the quality of carve I can get from my CW machines vs. my $20K ShopBot, as long as I am using good quality patterns to begin with and setup and run each job correctly (i.e., Bit Optimization-BEST, Upload to the memory card as Best or Optimal).

    You have received a good number of useful comments/suggestions already, so there is little I can to add to that. I just wanted to confirm with you that your machine WILL yield a professional carve quality. A browse around the forum of the wonderful projects users are making, as well as taking a look at the dozens and dozens of projects I have personally created and carved for the Pattern Depot/Project Store are representative of what you can expect from your machine.

    Help is just a forum post away, so please - use us! We want you to enjoy your machine as much as we do ours.
    Michael T
    Happy Carving!

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    Thanks Dick,

    I'll either get or make a new pattern for the circled one.

    Next time I'll try your method for two sided projects.

    You're north of Brainerd, about an hour and a half from me.

    Thanks again.


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    RicRoy I have sent you a private message. Capt Barry.

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