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Thread: Lousy Carving Quality

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    Default Lousy Carving Quality

    I have not had any real success in having a clean carve since I bought this CNC. I'm beginning to regret the purchase.

    The first picture has no real quality in the carving, what am I doing wrong!!

    The second picture shows a misalignment from back to front. This is a clock with the face on the front and the cutout for the clock movement on the back.This misalignment did not show up on the software.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20150321_181517.jpg 
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    What bit optimization are you using and what carve quality did you select during the upload to the card?
    Is the pattern one from the pattern depot, home made or from the forum. Some patterns that are shared have low quality.

    If you can share the project file we might be able to see something that you are missing.
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    sj, Do Not Get Discouraged. There are some really talented people on here that are more than willing to help. We all went through it and some (ok, me ) are still going through it. Good luck.

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    Steve like Mike1 said there is lots of help here. Is there any carvers that live close to your home. It would help there are groups that get together .You could also ask someone to look at you pattern setup before you carve. The members here are great people willing to help and share.

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    Steve, I am wondering if you bought a new or used machine. My first machine, I bought used and came with a loose head. That affected both the Y and Z axis. It is easy to tighten the mounts. Just for chuckles, see if you can wiggle the Z head. If so, the solution to your problem is easy. Meanwhile, post the pattern you ised for the experts to try and fill us in on where you got the pattern.

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    Have to agree with Roger and Mike1 I am still learning but a great place to be for info

    Every one has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film.

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    Steve, what is the size of the round carving, if you could post your file it would help others look at what is going on. Don't get frustrated it happens to the best ever once and a while.. This is an excellent machine, but you have to learn the ins and outs and cleaning is the number one issue behind dust collection.

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    Did the flake board have masking tape on the brass roller edge. That stuff is sometimes slippery to the brass roller and the measuring process got messed up.

    Is the flake board the same thickness as the main board... thinking it is thinner and letting the flake board loose contact with the brass roller.

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    I bought it new.

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    Yes, I made a jig and used masking tape. I did end up removing the tape from the sides of the jig. It still carved lousy. I hope my third time carving this design after some changes that I made to the project, that it carves better.


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