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Thread: New fleshaft and bits for sale

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    Default New fleshaft and bits for sale


    All these parts have never been used except for one bit with only minor use.

    * Scanning probe, hardware only. $40 obo.

    * Flex-shaft. You can get many parts from places other than Carvewright, but not this one. They charge $75 plus at least $12 shipping - ie, $87. I want $65 for it, including shipping.

    * New Carvewright 1/8” cutting bit, $52 with shipping from CW. I only want $35 with shipping.

    * New Armana #46282 1/16” carving bit, Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) Coated, $21.50 new, now $18, with shipping.

    * Whiteside #1502 90 degree V-groove bit with 30 minutes’ use. $18 new, now $10, with shipping.

    * New Whiteside #1550 60 degree V-groove bit, $19 new, now $15 with shipping.

    * New 10mm [about 3/8”] straight cut bit, tungsten carbide tipped, $10 with shipping.

    Call or text me on (907)598-3332, or else email me at

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    I am interested in the scanning probe but the phone number does not appear to work.

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