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Thread: Trade Shows

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    Quote Originally Posted by myshop1044 View Post
    Very good info for crafters, I bring items that can be sold that day, and I show others items that can be ordered to meet their custom ideas. These work very well, I hand out business cards, they work really good later, after they look at my website.
    I do 6 to 8 real craftshows, 10,15,30,000 people a weekend and stay far away from the eating, drinking and dancing too.
    there is a charge to enter, so you get real people looking for crafts.
    the other info y'all have mention is really good too.
    Absolutely correct Perry, business cards and the website bring in the custom orders after the shows. Gives the clients different ideas for wedding, birthday and Christmas gifts. Also, I put two business cards in each of my sold product boxes, one for the purchaser and one to pass on to someone new.

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    I also place a poster with the CW advertisement on it in my tent, it starts a conversation about how all these items are made with this machine. This leads to some CW machine sales if you are a START U MEMBER also.
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