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Thread: compatibility with 2D &3D Design Suites

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    you can open a Word 2003 document in Word 2007. But you are correct in that they are not backwards compatible. When you use a feature in the later version that is not in the earlier version, it's pretty tough to do.

    Not so, all versions of word have a save as feature that allows you to save it in the older formats. I fully understand mpc's not being backwards compatible but the modules should at least work with out additional modules necessary and should work with at least the last few versions of basic designer, version 2 was a year old to the month when version 3 came out and there really was not enough new stuff to not qualify as more than just an update to 2 rather than a whole new version. The big problem really is sculptor being called a stand alone when it really is not. It requires either version 3, or stl importer and pattern editor to be fully useful.

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    If you do not have a CW, you can use Sculptor for your cnc. Thus,...stand alone.
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